Needle Felting

Learn to needle felt to create wool appliqué, and 3D creatures with wool using a needle to sculp the fibers

Needle felting is an art and craft created by using a felting needle and wool fibers. It's a process of changing wool into shapes, appliqué, embellishments, toys, and even 3 dimensional realistic looking animals, food and many other things.

Assortment of needle felting tools and accessories

Materials To Get Started

Felting needles are specialized needles that come in many different sizes with jagged edges along the shaft of the needle. Barbs lock the wool fibers in place. Smaller needles have finer barbs and can be used for more detailed work. Larger needles have thick barbs and can create felt faster than other needle sizes. The needle size is measured in gauges ranging from 12 to 42. It is a measurement of how many needles fit in a square inch. That means the higher the gauge, the smaller the needle.

The raw structure of the wool fibers allows for the fibers to be worked in together.

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