Kits » Project Kits » Learn to Knit Kit: Colorwork
Kits » Project Kits » Learn to Knit Kit: Colorwork

Learn to Knit Kit: Colorwork
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Does the thought of holding two yarns at once make your fingers hurt? Fear not--this kit will help guide you through stranded colorwork knitting so you can find what works best for you and get plenty of practice! Included is a booklet to guide you through the learning process and help your hands get used to stranding, and it will also dip into basic color theory to help you plan your future colorwork projects and provide you with tutorials for more advanced techniques. The booklet starts with the Kaldt Cowl to learn the basics of two-colored stranded colorwork, and we've packaged up everything you'd need to knit it. Once you've completed this kit, you'll feel confident enough to try the other two patterns included in the booklet!

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