Lace pattern chart for blanket corrected between rows 42-48, sts 1-14 and rows 55 & 56, sts 1-2. Contact Customer Service for an updated copy of the chart.

Revised 3/26/2015

For the sweater, in the sleeves section, it should say "..Work in Garter st until sleeve measures 6.25 (6.75, 7.25)" from CO. Break yarn..."

A pattern repeat has been added to the Sleeve Cuff Chart.

Blanket Edging

The edging chart has been revamped and two more rows have been added. Download the pattern from your library for the updated chart.

In the written directions in the Edging section, it should read ..."you should be on Row 10 of the chart....BO the first four sts as shown on Row 10..."

Revised 6/14/2016

Note added to the legend for Make 1: "When making one on an edge, knit the 1st stitch and then M1 when working the beginning of the row. At the end of a row, knit to just before last stitch, M1, and then knit the last stitch."