Needles » Interchangeable Needles » Cocobolo Clutch IC Set
Needles » Interchangeable Needles » Cocobolo Clutch IC Set

Cocobolo Clutch IC Set
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Convenience meets sophisticated style with the Cocobolo hardwood interchangeable needles in the Ash Interchangeable Needle Case. This beautifully packed set of interchangeable needles features rich natural wood with stunning variety in the grain. The needles provide a sumptuous knitting experience with their smooth finish at an affordable price, and their sturdy construction will have you reaching for them for every new project.

Set comes with:
  • 9 pairs of Cocobolo wood tips (ranging from US 4 - US 11)
  • 7 black cables (24"-60" lengths)
  • cable end caps
  • cable connectors
  • locking stitch markers
  • Interchangeable Needle Case
Note: Because Cocobolo is a natural wood, these needles should be wiped down before use due to potential oily residue.
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