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High Fiber—Cloudy Days; Bright Colors, Kids and Pets

Have I been busy? Isn't it Labor Day? The placemats are coming along:

The yellow is the center of the placemat. I'm using Dishie worsted in Fiesta RedConchClementine and Creme Brûlée, with just a touch of Swan.
The Waffle Sweater is seeing some progress, too:
The yarn is Swish DK in Lava Heather. The pattern is Jon Gilliam's Men's Texture-striped Raglan.
Here's a closeup of the Tunisian knitting. It's accomplished by a round of (YO, sl 1) all around, then K2tog tbl all around. It gives sort of a needlepoint-stitch look, interspersed with rounds of stockinette. The waffle pattern is a type of lace, but more manly looking than most lace patterns.
Here's a look at the appliqué progress
Two flowers, a stem or two and a few leaves to go.
I renewed Knitter's Magazine, one of my Zinio subscriptions, and got a call from my bank, which manages my credit card. Apparently Zinio is in the UK, and they got concerned because I had a charge from my dairy in Utah and Zinio in the UK on the same day. They wondered how I could be in both places at once. Nice to know they're on the job!
Rocky's birthday was Saturday. I can't believe he's nine years old! Both dogs get a present when one of them has a birthday. Rocky got a toy raccoon, which he promptly disemboweled. It's nice he doesn't eat the guts. Fiber is good for you, but....
Sunny got a toy squirrel for Rocky's birthday. She promptly took it into her "cave" and looked out as if to say, "This squirrel is mine! My precious!"
The pups and I went to the pond in the afternoon, where the pups had a swim and played in the water. It's nice to have a friend to play with!
There were some big dogs to play with, too, and Rocky had fun running around with them, but Sunny was a little intimidated by their size and activity level. Both dogs got in some swimming, though, and came home worn out.
Daphne and Zachary think it's nice to have someone to play with, too! (Or are they working?)
Here's Zombie Soren, after his parents finished the Portland to Coast race last weekend, on team Walking Dead
What's on my needles: Waffle sweater and Dogwood Blossoms.
What's on my loom: Warm colorway placemats.
What's on my Featherweight: Helping Joanie with her paper-pieced pine-tree blocks, ready to piece the Delectable Mountain block strips, when appliqué is done.
What's on my wheel: Still the Full Circle Roving in Caramel, bobbin #2. Making progress.
What's on my iPad/iPhone (books): Just finished  Comfort Food, one of the Friday Night Knitting Club novels by Kate Jacobs, this one from the library through the OverDrive app. Then listened to I, Alex Cross, by James Patterson and Rose Harbor Inn by Debbie Macomber also on the Overdrive app. For bedtime reading, I finished the eBook Twenty Wishes by Debbie Macomber, one of the Blossom Street novels, also from the library by way of the OverDrive app. Now I'm reading Stranger in Town by Cheryl Bradshaw on the iBooks app. (I found this one for $.99 through Book Bub.) Finally, I just started A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness from Audible.
What's my app of the week: Public Radio Player. We discontinued Sirius, so I bought a Satechi transmitter that fits into my iPhone or iPad. With the Public Radio Player app, I can transmit live streaming from my favorite PBS radio station to our stereo. (We can't receive any radio up here in the mountains.) The transmitter can also be used in the car and for transmitting music from my music app or an audiobook, either while driving or in our living room.
What's in my wine glass: Amberhill Select Blend 2010, which we discovered a year ago and is now one of our favorites.
Note: This blog post was produced entirely on the MacBook, using the iPad and iPhone for photos and photo processing. No other computer was used in any stage of composition or posting, and no Windows were opened, waited for or cleaned.

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Comment by Peggy Stuart on September 9, 2013 at 6:06am

Sounds like a good idea. See you later in the comments on my new blog post, which will appear about 8:30 AM, your time.

Comment by angelkarhu on September 8, 2013 at 9:39pm
Got cricket loom assembled, now just need new Ikea desk delivered and assembled. Box wouldn't fit in car so had to have it delivered. I'm cornered in by boxes from sisters old house that she'll probably never go through so I'm making a wall of storage shelving so I don't have to look at it.
Comment by Peggy Stuart on September 8, 2013 at 1:51pm

Yes, hypnosis will help with pain, but it won't fix something that's damaged.

Comment by Beverly Roberts on September 8, 2013 at 10:27am

I agree, insist on an X-ray!  Constant pain, poor health would make anyone depressed!

Comment by angelkarhu on September 7, 2013 at 11:15pm
I prefer medical treatment over alternative medicine. It may work great but its just not me. I need to know why I'm in pain. Yes the knee is injured but how is it injured and how to fix it. Hypnosis cant do that.
Comment by Peggy Stuart on September 7, 2013 at 11:09pm

Definitely not! The mind can accomplish a lot, though. If self-hypnosis isn't enough, I recommend finding a hypnotist who can help. Whatever you do, I hope you feel better soon.

Comment by angelkarhu on September 7, 2013 at 11:03pm
It took nearly 3 years for whiplash injury to heal, I cant spend the next 3 sitting in bed all day from the pain. Something must be done. Its bad enough I must endure dialysis, which is very hard on the body. I have got to be mobile and active otherwise I just get too depressed to do anything. I stop eating, i stop knitting, basically I just sleep and stare at the wall. We cant have that.
Comment by Peggy Stuart on September 7, 2013 at 10:56pm

After my fall in February, it was more than a month before I was back to normal, and there was no damage done. DH is still limping due to his ski injury last winter. He's getting PT.

Comment by angelkarhu on September 7, 2013 at 10:40pm
I do self hypnosis in extreme cases. But I need to get at the source of the pain, fix it so I can bicycle again. I can barely walk at times. The knee has at least stopped locking up, where even a fraction of a move causes off the scale 10+ pain level. I need to know whats causing it to lock up and to prevent me from moving. Its interfeering with daily activities.
Comment by Peggy Stuart on September 7, 2013 at 10:27pm

I couldn't remember if it happened in SD or OR. I mostly meet you here. :-} Have you tried hypnosis?

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