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Well, here it is, 2012, and life is changing in some Big Ways at my house. First of all, that three years to DH's retirement was cut down to--no years. His employer is doing some "downsizing," and offered early retirement packages. With a choice of retiring, moving back to Washington, DC, or possibly getting laid off, retirement was certainly the best option. Not to mention, we've been anxiously awaiting the opportunity to Get Out of Dodge and run away to our retirement property, which we have named "This Land," after a rather hilarious scene in the TV show "Firefly," from back around 2002 or so. Since the name for our travel trailer, Serenity, also came from that show, it seemed appropriate somehow.

Of course, our Master Plan requires eliminating our too-big house (and its too-big house payment.) We're working on that, which means a lot of things are going into storage, until we get set up elsewhere. I bought a huge (45 gallon, I think) Rubbermaid tote to store my stash in. Hopefully most of it will fit. I don't want it getting lost in the shuffle, after all.

Another Big Change will come next August, when Nermal the World's Cutest Grandson becomes a Big Brother. Hmmm, now I have to come up with another non-gender-specific baby name ... despite SIL's suggestion of Nermalette. They want a girl this time, but I don't want to risk jinxing things by choosing a girl name here. They plan to move closer to his folks, since we're champing at the bit to run away, and there aren't realistic jobs where we're going. This also involves them buying a house, so I'm thinking I'll lend DD my spinning wheel until we get something resembling a house built. I would just buy a folding model and give her the not-folding Ashford Traveler, but I'm trying to be careful with the funds for now. I may still do that further down the line. Of course, all this planning depends on everyone's timing--we intend to be There rather than Here by March, or April at the latest. Their plans depend entirely on the employment issue, which is looking good but not settled yet.

In the meantime, I knitted Nermal the Land and Sea kit--a train, a taxi, and truck and a sailboat--and the Land and Sea Playmat, for Christmas. Or a day or two after. It took a bit longer than anticipated. I don't yet have photos. I ran out of one color of yarn, and thought it was the fault of the kit, but OOOPS--I discovered I'd used the wrong size needle. Oh, well, at least the yarn was still available in the requisite color.

I really should close this down so I can write a post for my other blog, This is where interested parties will be able to follow our exploits (I hope) as we move north and set up our off-grid, hand-built ranch, with plans for a house and studio, chickens, rabbits, very likely some sheep or alpacas and maybe a couple wild horses and a burro or two. I want to get my floor loom up and running again, and have my own fiber to spin and knit or weave with. In the meantime, I've been baking all of our bread for several months now, using homemade sourdough starter:


Happy New Year, and Happy Knitting (and Spinning and All That Stuff!)

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Comment by Freelance on January 5, 2012 at 12:54pm

Thanks, Cheryl. We're pretty excited about all of it.

Comment by cherylbwaters on January 5, 2012 at 12:29pm

Oh, Deb, this is so exciting to have a new chapter in your life. Congratulations to Nermal, the World's Cutest Grandson! I know he will be a terrific big brother.

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