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Finally a Day Alone!

The whole family (at least those who are in town) have hit the slopes for skiing/snowboarding, and I have a chance to clean up and knit. I've been working on some gloves for my granddaughter, Alex. She picked out the yarn from the choices I gave her on the website, and I started them as soon as she got here. I have one finished (except for weaving in the ends) and the other well underway.…


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Daughter Receives Russian Lace Scarf From Me!

I finished this lace scarf during the summer as a present for my daughter, Karen. I didn't post it before, because I was showing her my blog. I found the pattern in the spring issue of Piecework magazine, on the cover. I made it shorter, though. (She's petite, like me.) It was a fun project.

Russian Lace Scarf

I also gave my granddaughter and my daughter (her aunt) each a… Continue

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I guess I got cocky! I was barreling along on my leggings, past the knee and up the inseam...inseam? Isn't there supposed to be one inseam on each leg? I don't know what I was thinking, but all of a sudden, I realized that, while I was making the increases on both sides--exactly in the middle, as directed--it was supposed to be only on the inside of the leg. Darn it! I had to frog six bleeping rounds! (What will they use for "bleep" when it actually becomes a cuss word?) After frogging and… Continue

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Continental Style--I can show you how I do it!

I am trying to help friends learn my type of Continental style knitting. Interested? Here's how I get set up:

Continental 1

To see the rest of my photo description, go to:

See the "General… Continue

Added by Peggy Stuart on December 14, 2008 at 9:00am — 10 Comments

Happy Blogging! Watch out for the Snow Plow!

Did you guys see the offer of free yarn from Knit Picks? It's on the blog page. You have to choose between the three Knitty sweater patterns and say why you like the one you picked. There was also something about being active on a Ravelry blog or other internet blog, so I'm back at work on my blog today. If you win, you get the yarn from Knit Picks to make the sweater. What fun!

I was planning to go to the alpaca farm today, but I came down with a cold, and then the blizzard… Continue

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Back to Knitting--Spinning--er--Knitting!

I finally got the first sock for my DH down to the beginning of the toe! Spinning has cut into my knitting time. My spinning friend Lynda came by with her plied Coopworth yarn that she was working on when she was at my house. We're going to order eight pounds of the stuff and split it. It's so easy to work with, and it's hand-dyed in rust with flecks of other colors in it. Her finished skeins were really beautiful. The producer will have to make up some more, so we will have to wait until after… Continue

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I'm Spinning!

Yesterday my friend Lynda came with her wheel, so we could spin together. She taught me the long-draw method, which allows you to keep both hands relaxed. I was having trouble pinching off the spin with my arthritic thumbs. This method worked much better for me and is more relaxing. Also, she had me change to a different fiber, one that was crimped more and not so slick. Finally, she kept exclaiming how good my yarn was, which was encouraging. I'm much happier with my spinning. The class… Continue

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Spinning with a Wheel!

I did it! After practicing with a drop spindle using pre-drafted wool, I was able to move to my Kromski Sonata and spin an entire length of wool roving that I had pre-drafted and make some really ugly one-ply yarn. Now I feel ready for the spinning class tomorrow night! I'm so excited! Well back to the socks for my DH, while he's out of the house for a few hours.

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