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Hi all, i've been moving right along knitting my mittens and i'd like to first say thank you so much for teaching me this through video, I am a visual learner so although I have plenty of books, I never really understood the mittens, let along doing magic loop till now.


The part now i'm a bit confused on is I now want to knit up mittens from a pattern, but most I see either use knitting needles or dpns.  I want to continue using magic loop method since i've learned that and like that method so much.


If a pattern calls for knitting needles, or dpns can I use my circuliar needles and the magic loop method without makes changes, of course I realize I would use the same size needles they say to use for the project.

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Hi Dianna,

I just started using the magic loop method for mittens, too! The pattern I'm using doesn't specify wither to use circular, dpn, or magic loop. I've made one with dpns and now I'm making one with magic loop - it's working great. I'd say go for it!



Hi Dianna, Cast on the required stitches on the circular needle then find the halfway point and pull the circular part through so you have the same amount of stitches on both sides. Make sure the working yarn side  is on top. Then pull that needle out far enough so that you can knit with it in the bottom row. Place markers where indicated on pattern the same as if working with double points. This way you only have to contend with two needles.  I don't think I'll ever use double points again.    Good Luck!  Linda in Ohio

Dianna, your preferred method of knitting can be used on any pattern. Check out Kelley's explanation here.

Thank you!!  I just love doing the magic loop now that I know how and I figured the future is heading in this direction so I'd hoped to stay with doing the way i've learned, looks like it's possible.


Again, thank you all so much!  I'm kinda winging it here, I never thought I could ever do mittens since I had no one to show me how, i've yet to even try socks but they are in the future.  I have three grandkids that I want to do mittens for, and it's now possible thanks to you all!

I LOVE making mittens so I know what you mean.  Be prepared for the grandkids to love the mittens, wear them, lose one, and ask for more -- maybe in a two week cycle.

I just wanted to mention that any pattern written in the round (for circulars, dpns, or Magic Loop) are interchangeable without any adjustment.  If you run across a two needle mitten pattern that MAY be true, but if the reason for the two needles is because of color work or a pattern you may not be able to translate it to the round without some planning.  Generally, just remember that stockinette stitch in the round is Knit every row and garter stitch is alternating rows of Knit and Purl -- patterns written for two needle will be just the opposite (stockinette is KNit a row, Purl a row on two needles, and garter is Knit every row on two needles.)  Enjoy!


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