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Okay, I'll start. "Knitting Room"? Like a "Play Room" only with needles and yarn? :-)
Can some share an easy mitten pattern? I see a bunch but would like a recommendation. New to this group.
Hi You were Asking for a Great Mitten Pattern .. I Found a Great Pattern in the Book I just Bought at 40% Off Called EASY KIDS KNITS .., it's on Page 109 !! Hope thia Helps You Tara
Have you tried bead knitting patterns for mittens? Some beads will really make a difference and sparkle among the yarn in the winter sunlight!
Olivia. Just Wondering IF You Ever Did Your Beaded MittenS ?? Am quite Sure if You Used Sparkley BeadS with a SilK & WooL you'd get a ShineY and WarM Mitten !! Would Really ADD AloT of SparklE useing the SilK WooL Blend ...KPs has Several Weights to choose from with WooL/SilK makes a HugE HugE Difference in the ShinE/SparklE of it !!!! I know they've got 2i bought in DK & Heavyweight !!! They've also got Lighter Weights thru Heavy Beautiful Gorgeoussss Shine you'd Loveeee with ANY Beads & soo Easy to Bead it Yourself !! Am Assuming you know HoW !! If not get Flexible Bead Needles choose your Beads & 6 inch ruler should do the trick !!then you Easily Measure your Increments ... 2/3/4 inches apart whatever you want it to be !! Please let me know HoW You did :)))
I seem to be lost in the foyer . Just joined this knit community

So..where is the knitting room?
The Knitting Room is the old name of the tutorials/podcast section on - this thread was started last February. Looks like enough of you have forgotten the old Knitting Room that we can change the title of this thread!
Okay... I'm new enough to not know there ever WAS a Knitting Room! LOL!
Jennylee. Just Checking to make Sure You FounD Your way in here into our Knitting rooms/KALs !! We've All Joined KALs makes it Easier for All to Chat in our Favs(some of them we frequent thee MosT) UFOs & SocK KAL & Gift KAL hope this Helps & we See You Soon !!
I was hoping to find a post about wish list items for the Knit Picks product line. I don't see that but then I just signed up on Knitting Community so I may have missed it. At any rate, could we please see cable extenders in the near future?
If it is for a yarn product, go to the yarn section under Discussions... you will likely see a heading there that makes sense... if it is about needle products look there...

If all else fails, go to the very last Discussion and when you open that, the very first Discussion category is the "Potpourri" listing... "doesn't fit anywhere else" questions. :-)

If you have a Ravelry account, join the "Knit PIcks Lovers" group. There are several threads of people discussing their wish lists for KP products and colors and such, and Kelley (KP owner) monitors that pretty closely as she is one of the moderators. :-) (Other KP Staff members also belong to the group... it is a great place to make your wishes known!!!) If you don't have a (free) Ravelry account, ( consider applying to get an account... it takes a little while, I think four days right now. but they'll send you an email to actually join, eventually.

Oh, and btw... Welcome to Knit Picks Community! :-D
Why has the Knit Community PAGE Changed so I can NO Longer SEE Knit Groups to Join like UFOs etc??? Can't See Blogs Cant See Staff Page etc etc Why the Change to a bar room Basic LOOK ?????? The old Headers even gone as are Settings etc


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