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Diedre has posted an entry about the new Spring yarn arrivals - you can read it here!

Also, Melissa has a blog post about the new Gloss Lace yarn here.

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Would it be possible to go back to the yarn-pages style that opened a large, up-close photo when you clicked on a color? It would be great if the window stayed open so you could compare several colors and/or yarn types/weights. It would probably take extra time and server space so I can understand why you might not want to do that but I for one would appreciate it!
By the way, I love the home page photo with the "greens" on dishes!
I have been admiring the new sample kits, but I have a question. I can't really afford to buy all three kits (I have already ordered one, though), but I'm very interested in some of the patterns for the kits I didn't buy. Will those patterns be available for sale at some time? I'm especially interested in the cup/mug cozies and the fingerless mittens/gloves/wristwarmers. Any chance?
I just got my new spring sampler in the Georgian colorway and I love it! I am definitely going to have to get the other two as well. I love the idea of the patterns for the cute little projects, and trying out the new yarns at the same time. My favorite is the CotLin, I like the feel of it and the drape. So I'm starting out with the wristwarmers; I may have to make a sweater out of the Kohlrabi color!
Is the lace sampler (riverside cafe etc.) lace compatable enough to make a project from the sample pack. The colors seem to want to be together as a project.
Any one else having a bit of trouble with the beautiful lace shawl patterns photos in the catalogue when they are modeled against a printed dress or one of a dark color. I would have a much easier time picking out one to knit if I could see the pattern and how it looks against a plain, light colored background. Sort of similar to taking all the time to knit a complex Aran Isle pattern in a dark color. Margaret

Any news on the Spinning front. I would love to be able to puchase my spinning supplies (fiber, fiber and fiber, equipment, books and fiber) from Knit Picks!

For high quality spinning fiber and supplies, stick with spinning specialists. Some yarn shops are starting to sell dribs and drabs to spinners. However, since that's usually not their field, they don't know the market and their offerings tend to be mediocre at best. Conversely, spinning specialists know what good fiber and fiber processing are and they often sell excellent yarns.
I understand the concept of sticking to knitting, but since you have the dying supplies, any chance of carrying plain white roving, say in Corriedale, as reasonably priced as your wonderful yarns? The places I find online are expensive, and the "local" sources are an hour or more away and also expensive. People can get (or make) a wheel or spindle elsewhere, but roving is needed frequently. --Peggy
We have looked into selling roving in the same fiber blends as the rest of our yarns, but currently we don't have the necessary facilities to launch a roving line. A lot of us at Knit Picks are spinners, and we do try to carry spinning books (I'm learning to spin, and I think Teach Yourself Visually Handspinning is wonderful and has very clear instructions) but presently, there won't be a roving line coming out.
Are there going to be more spring colors added to the Palette line?
Palette will be getting more colors in early Fall 2009.
I know there are new colors coming soon... which lines are getting new colors Mar/Apr?


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