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If you have any problems with your needles, please contact Knit Picks Customer Service at 1.800.574.1323. Thanks!

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I have bent some on my DPNs in the smaller gauges when doing socks. But I don't knit as tightly as I used to. It really isn't good for your hands. Since knitting is very important to me, I learned to loosen up. It just takes practice, lots of practice. I love to practice knitting.
I contacted Knit Picks today after I had a connector come apart from the cable for the second time in a week or so (on 2 different cables). After reading the discussion about it here, I expected that when I called I would be told "No problem! We'll send you replacements right away!" Instead, I was told that they only have a one year warranty, and "You can't expect us them to last forever!" The truth is that I don't know whether I had even used one of those cables before--since I purchased them in 2007 (They looked it up), but I rarely knit projects that require a 47" needle (cable) She did end up replacing them for me, but made it seem like she was doing me a big favor. I was surprised by the attitude since I have always had excellent service otherwise, and I do love Knit Picks needles and yarn.

It seems like there is one CS person who consistently cops an attitude. Perhaps that's just my perception, but people running into these same sorts of stories and attitudes sound so consistent to me that it is hard for me to believe it is not the same person.

The vast majority of the stories people share about KP CS is glowing and express being treated with courtesy and respect and joy. But every so often, it sounds like people run into an attitude that is dismissive and gruff and, basically, on the rude side. I just encourage people to try to get the name of this first rep, graciously end the conversation when it is going that way... and call back. Chances are, you'll get a different CS rep. Report your previous experience, give them the name of the person if you were able to get it, and let them know that you were not pleased with the TONE of the exchange.

Whenever I call any company's CS, I try to take a note immediately of the name the person gives me, and if they don't offer one, I ask for one. That way, if things don't go well, I know who to complain about; if things go really well, I know who to praise; and if there is a problem later, I know whose name to reference that I called about the situation previously. :-)

The answer may be the same, but the thing that really needs to be changed is the MANNER in which bad news is given to the customer. If it is out of warranty, it is out of warranty, but it is possible to deliver that news in an apologetic and considerate manner that doesn't cause the customer to feel belittled and stupid and demanding. Some people won't receive that news well no matter how it is delivered, but most people will take it better if it comes across that you care about the bad news and the person receiving that news.

I try to check out my cables and tips when they arrive because it is not uncommon for me to not need one of them until long after they are out of warranty. If I remember to check when I've first gotten them, if there is a problem such as not screwing into one another or that sort of thing, I can call and get it corrected immediately. Not much you can do about a cable breaking the first time you use it unless it is visually obvious there is a problem.

However, there are two in every package and I take the view that they are pretty inexpensive to begin with. I've only had one that was unusable... wouldn't screw into anything... and I've never had one break yet. I just tossed it and ordered another set in that length. I knew that I could call and they'd replace it, but it just wasn't worth it to me, personally. 

Regardless, there is no excuse for being treated with a poor attitude and manner by Customer Service, any where. KP really cares about their CS... call back or write an email and let them know any time you are not pleased with the manner with which you were treated when you call.

I totally agree. Even if a company has a policy to protect their employees by not giving their name, they will have an employee ID number.

My problem is keeping my own temper if the customer service rep is snippety. Usually if they are snippety I as to speak to their manager. There have been  times I've gone up to 3 or 4 above them and I finally asked for the name and address of the CEO of the company. But it does go much better when you try to keep your temper. And then report it.

Maybe some of the people we talk to has had a bad day, and need to relax a little bit, Irene Soileau

Thanks for your suggestions.  It is amazing how much easier it is to take bad news when the person giving the bad news seems empathetic.




I had one of those connectors to come apart , with a whole lot of stitches on my needles, since I had had them since they first came out, I just reordered some more. it was not worth the hassle , and had an order ready to be sent in. Irene Soileau   my biggest problem is a cable breaking at the needle.
Oh, Irene, I haven't had that happen, but that could be a problem.
It was, but, put the stitches on a bunch of needles  and ordered more cables. now have extra's since I do like them. Irene
I like them also. And I have several spare cables and some spare needles also. Just in case!
I recently bought the Try-it set of Options needles. I like the wooden ones best, I think.  I have a cotton/linen washcloth in progess on them right now. The nickel plated are OK.  I have the Morning Glory shawl on them in Imagination sock yarn.  They're a bit too slick for my taste.  I definitely don't like the acrylic - too grippy.  I tried them with 2 different yarns and feel like I have to fight them too much.  I'm glad I tried them all before buying a set.  The Harmony Set is now on my wishlist.  I do have a question.  I don't see anything on the needles that indicates size.  Am I missing something?  Or do you need to use a needle gauge to tell them apart if you've got several of the same kind?

Hi skhoyt-

So glad you like the Harmony woods, too!  :)  They're my favorite followed closely by the nickels.  :)  Yep... there is nothing on them to indicate size.  You do have to use a needle gauge.  Knit Picks sells one that is pretty great.  It's a piece of super nice acrylic that includes a ruler on the side and one of those magnifying bars, too.  Very handy piece. 


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