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I hope he does more than what my DH does - just rolls the eyes!

I'd love to see Nina do a tutorial on top down sweater in the round-

Also a more in depth tutorial on drop spindling.  What's the right amount of twist, how to do the correct plying without getting cork screws-  How to draft more evenly.   How to skeet using a crocheting hook technique. 

This would be very helpful-    CL


When are you going to have videos on spinning? Knit Picks sells the tools to spin so there should be videos on how to use the those spinning tools.
There are some videos on spindle spinning already. Click here to get started. You might also consider joining the Spin Along.

You're right- KP's does have the tutorial, but it's not very comprehensive.  Actually Kelly has a better one on you tube that was done previously (she's using a Goldring aroma Spindle) -  Goldring Spindles are wonderful to spin with.  I bought a KP Turkish, but didn't care for the spin or the balance.  Bosworths are good too-

I'd really love to see an in depth tutorial on plying with a drop spindle-  

Basically i'm self taught (with Abby Franquemont's dvd and book)-  so i'm not sure if what i'm doing is acceptable or not.  

I live in an are that seems to be devoid of fiber people-  How sad is that??  thank God for the internet!!


Please think about joining the Spin Along. The link is right above.

Kerin did a steeking video where she had all the openings knitted shut... I was AMAZED & want to know how she does that when you need to bind off or decrease in a pattern for collars or arm holes. I also would like to see the real difference between intarsia & fair isle knitting... I am confused. Are there floats on the back of intarsia from putting the yarn back to the beginning of the next round of knitting... Please show more of the front & INSIDE of knitted work so I can better understand what is happening. Thank you for your time & look forward to your new videos!!! =)


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